Let divination awaken your spirit, identify your emotions, clear your thoughts, and highlight your strengths.

Need direction? Let tarot show you the way.

A tarot reading can identify your emotions, clear your
thoughts, and highlight your strengths.

Emotions are like the tides of the ocean. They rise and fall with the rhythm of life. Tarot lets you rise above the sea and get a bird’s eye view of what you’re feeling.
Thoughts are like the weather. Sometimes it’s clear for miles, and other times you can’t see through the mist. Tarot cuts through the clouds like a lighthouse, revealing your true intentions.
Passions are like fires. They can be raging and out of control, or they can be in need of fuel. Tarot shows you how to harness your power for your greatest and highest good.

Tarot mirrors your psychic state.

It doesn’t predict your future — it gives you the information you need to make your future what you want it to be. Tarot can uncover hidden truths, and it can show you how to move forward with grace.

Tarot has been in my life since 1988.

I have read tarot at psychic fairs, parties, and in 1000+ individual consultations. I love to teach tarot workshops as well as individual students.

Tarot brings you back to earth.

You'll leave a reading grounded, focused, and empowered. Don’t get steamrolled by life! Get a handle on what’s happening and direct your future.

What Clients Say

Scott is a wiz at tarot readings. He can reach deep, and give you solutions to issues that you’re having. He is down to earth and compassionate.”
Shanna Atoms / Divinitus Prime
I’m picky about readers. Way picky. But, this guy! Either in person and over the phone, I encourage you to reach out for a reading. I know I will again!”
Heather Coutur / Gypsy Tribe Sanctuary
Scott’s reading was intuitive, insightful, and gave me active steps to take going forward. I highly recommend getting a reading with him!”
Anna Goodman / Art is Not a Spectator Sport