I offer two tiers of readings: short and long. Short readings are best for asking about a single topic. Long readings cover multiple topics as well as overall long-term patterns. A short reading is 30 minutes and is $45. A long reading is 60 minutes and is $85. I use a variety of decks and reading methods, including astrology and numerology. The primary divination, however, is tarot-based.


I have space in downtown Bloomington, Indiana to conduct in-person readings on Fridays. All other days I am available for readings on the phone. Phone readings and in-person readings are equally “effective”. Being in the same room provides a different kind of connection than speaking on the phone, but each its own type of experience.


After we have scheduled your reading, I will send a PayPal invoice to your email address. If you need to cancel or reschedule, let me know 24 hours in advance.

Why get a reading?

Each person has their own expecations of a reading, but the common thread is that people have questions they want to have answered. Nearly everyone I have read for leaves the reading with a sense of empowerment. The information received in a reading has a way of addressing the right thing at the right time.

Do I need to have a question?

A question helps to focus the reading, but it's not necessary to have one. Often the question asked is just the visible portion of the topic of the session. A reading can bring something to light than may have been "hiding in plain sight" all along.

Does tarot predict the future?

No, the future is fluid and can be shaped. We have the power to influence our future through the choices we make. That’s part of what makes tarot so powerful. A tarot reading provides information that you can use to make wise decisions and affect how your future unfolds.